NUMA is a global innovation network committed to bringing growth and human capital to start-ups. Since 2000, NUMA has emerged as France’s leading innovation practice.

In addition to providing its start-ups with commensurate financial and educational resources, NUMA has created an environment prone to their success relying on an influential network of entrepreneurs, corporates and technical experts. Since launching its first program in Paris in 2011, NUMA has accelerated start-ups in five different countries (France, Mexico, Russia, India, Morocco, Spain), and plans to deploy its model in 15 countries by 2019.


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NUMA's activities



We ignite Innovation within large business structures and established companies helping them to stay competitive in a fast moving world



We believe entrepreneurs can change the world and our mission with the acceleration program at NUMA is to facilitate their growth at the most critical moment of their existence



It’s in NUMA’s DNA to keep a close relation with the community. We can mobilize the right audience for your project